Earn money with Twinting!

This is a unique offer in the market! Forget Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
To get qualified to earn money and to win the Twinting Prizes, check our Terms & Conditions in this page. We give the prizes to the most active users.
As more WOWs! you get, as more you can earn!

How much can I earn?

✓ You earn per WOW!
✓ You earn depend on number of conversations

The earning depend on your activity and on your profile.

Terms and Conditions

The official contract you can download here.

✓ Your profile must be 100% complete
✓ At least 3 personal photos
✓ At least 1 personal video
✓ Email verified
✓ Phone verified
✓ Instagram verified
✓ Facebook verified
✓ ID verified
✓ Publish a link to Instagram & Facebook

To be qualified to earn money, you must fulfill all conditions above. This offer is valid only for verified ladies! (ID needed)

Additional Prizes (every month)

1. 2000 USD
2. 200 USD
3. 100 USD
The min. payout is 100 USD. Please contact our support for the payout via Paypal.
The payout is subject to strong verifications, in order to avoid manipulations.